FIRMING BODY BALMSay goodbye to tired skin! Provide it with the dose of natural energy and use the Venus firming body balm!

Where does its secret lie? The product consists of specially selected set of active ingredients which strengthen the skin and prevent the loss of firmness. Natural caffeine stimulates micro-circulation and burning of fats under the skins tissue as well as strengthening and sealing blood vessels, thanks to which it visibly enhances the skin’s elasticity. The micro-algae which grow in crystal clear water and are rich in vitamins and mineral salts, intensively moisturise, regenerate and ease the irritated epidermis. The addition of canola oil deeply nourishes and prevent the excessive loss of water.
This product, combined with a diet and physical exertion, speeds up the reduction of cellulite. You don’t believe it works? Try on your own skin!

Capacity: 400 ml