Moisturising body milk

Moisturising body milk__400_mlThe Venus moisturising body milk was created having dried out and dehydrated skin in mind.
Find out for yourself what ingredients will bring back its shine! The Macadamia oil consisted in the product, prevents the skin’s dryness, speeds up cell regeneration and also moisturises and makes the epidermis more elastic which visibly improves micro-circulation. Avocado oil, nourishes the skin and strengthens its natural protective barrier. It also increases elasticity, soothes irritations and gets rid of the unpleasant feeling of roughness. Shea butter, rich in lipid acids, softly nourishes and softens the over-dried epidermis. Are you ready to change for the better?
The milk’s formula was enriched with HydraProtect ++, the innovative ingredient which ensures the 24—hour moisturising of even the deepest layers of epidermis.

Volume: 400 ml